Jacobite Syrian Church in Malankara proudly treasures a rich musical heritage. The aesthetic beauty of syriac music can be experienced in Eucharistic liturgy, sacramental services and other devotional songs.

Kenoro, the music division of Jacobite Syrian Church, is established with an aim to preserve and promote the traditional syriac music. The organization is the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream of Catholicose of Jacobite Church, H.B. Dr. Baselius Thomas I. The concept of a music division for the church has further driven forward by the vision and continuous efforts of H.G. Mathews MorAphrem Metropolitan, Bishop of Perumbavoor Zone, Angamaly Diocese and President of MJSSA.


Kenoro was inaugurated during the auspicious occasion of the first-ever All Malankara Choir training camp held at Patriarchal Centre, Puthencruz on 16 September 2016.

H.B. Dr. Baselius Thomas I Catholicose inaugurated Kenoro and unveiled its logo.